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What to do about night time teeth grinding?

I have been told that I sometimes grind my teeth bad in the night when sleeping, and have done so since i was a kid (im 28 now). I don%26#039;t remember or hear it, but lately in the morning my jaw is sore and tight feeling. I tried before to use a guard i bought at the store, but it hurt my jaw, and I couldn%26#039;t sleep with it in. I don%26#039;t have dental coverage, is there anything else I could do without going to the dentist?

What to do about night time teeth grinding?





Reply:Go to a chiropractor,it really works.I go 2-3 times aweek
Reply:your best bet is to get a custom mouth guard made by the dentist. It costs about $200 , but what are your teeth worth.?
Reply:You have got to go to a dentist. I grind my teeth in my sleep as well, my dentist tells me it is stress and that I need to wear a mouthguard at night.
Reply:sleep with your mouth open.
Reply:if you buy a mouth guard be sure to BOIL it and soften it then you bite down on it till it molds to YOUR MOUTH... sometimes you have to take a straigh razor and cut some of the depth on it so it doesnt make your gums sore......Other than that I am not sure.. but I used to grind my teeth and that was the ONLY thing that stopped me.. I wore the %26quot;bit%26quot; as I called it for about 6 months.. NO problems since. and that was 13 yrs ago...
Reply:You might need a more comfortable mouth guard.
Reply:I don%26#039;t know if this is the same kind of guard that you used before the hurt your jaw, but the package says it%26#039;s a %26quot;new one%26quot;, so it might be a little thinner and be easier for you to sleep with. (i used to use the old ones that were really thick and you can%26#039;t really close your mouth) I grind my teeth also (or so i%26#039;ve been told), i went to Target and got one of those mouth guards. It%26#039;s about $20 and all you do it boil some water, stick the guard in the water and then pull it out and dip it in cold water for literally 1 second and then put it in your mouth (on your top teeth) and bite down and suck in as much as you can.

the reason that your old guard might not have felt right was because it might have been the wrong size, try a smaller or bigger size, it might work better. best of luck~
Reply:the best thing to do would have a night guard made at the dental office. they actually will take a mold of your teeth. a custom made appliance would b much more affective. look into care credit, it would extend you credit interest free for a period of time. just make sure it%26#039;s paid off before the period ends as the interest rate is quite high.
Reply:Maybe your too stressed out...........Try relaxing before going to bed. eg have a relaxing bath,facial, pamper your self, what ever!!!!............but go to the dentist cuz the mouth gaurd they do for you is made out of a mould of your own it fits 100% with no discomfort........You could also try your local GP........your problem could be tension/stress.....they can suggest drugs... : )

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How can I make unintentional teeth grinding stop?

I take Adderall XR and it is making my teeth grind like crazy. Is there anyway to stop this from happening?

How can I make unintentional teeth grinding stop?
If you%26#039;re doing it in your sleep you might wish to consider a sports mouth piece like you%26#039;d use for boxing or football or other oral device to put in your mouth to help the problem from happening. Not only is it bad for your teeth but can cause problems with TMJD later (that%26#039;s transmandibular joint disorder---that%26#039;s problems with your major jaw joint if you%26#039;re unfamiliar with the term.) Good luck!
Reply:same here /
Reply:Hypnotherapy will make it stop. Usually only takes 1-3 sessions.
Reply:If you do this in your sleep you should probably get a mouth [teeth] guard. Otherwise, I had the problem of squeezing my jaw shut, not so much grinding.. but there was a lot of pressure. When I went in for my orthodontist consultation, we went over some things, and the lady told me that we aren%26#039;t supposed to close our mouth with out teeth touching, it%26#039;s bad for them. So always put your tongue a bit between your teeth, like at the very front of the roof of your mouth, at first it feels weird, and may be annoying.. but it eventually becomes a habit, and it helps a lot. I used to get headaches before because of this, and now I don%26#039;t. Good luck.

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Anybody have bruxism (teeth-grinding)?

I%26#039;m fairly certain I have what is called bruxism, which means someone who grinds his/her teeth in his/her sleep. I%26#039;ve read that everyone has it to some degree, but mine is to the degree where I awaken my girlfriend sometimes. She says she pats me on the face until I stop.

I%26#039;ve had this since I was little, and I remember when I shared a room with my sister who said that it was loud enough to wake her up. The solution at the time was to make me wear some sort of mouth-piece (night-guard), which I%26#039;m not willing to do again.

I%26#039;m just wondering if anyone else suffers/has suffered from this, and what you have done to cope/get rid of it entirely. It%26#039;s really annoying how I have no control over it whatsoever.

Anybody have bruxism (teeth-grinding)?
Duderino -- %26quot;Obviously you%26#039;re not a golfer%26quot;

Even if you didn%26#039;t get that quote from the Big Lebowski -- keep reading. I grind my teeth at night, and I suffer from the same thing.

I suppose it is stress related for me, but what really matters is the consequences of grinding, and how I can slow it down and save my limited-edition grill. Seriously, we all get one set of teeth and getting drilled and root-canaled is awful.

I visited the dentist earlier this month, and he said he could find groove patterns indicative of grinding -- and that several of my teeth in the back were actually worn down. He also asked me if I ever have pain near my ear where my jaw connects to my skull, and I do! For a while now, especially when I shave up near my sideburns, I%26#039;d have this annoying sharp pain.

Anyways, he recommended a mouth guard, I said no way and that was that.

Then I started waking up in the middle of the night because my teeth were grinding against my new fillings, and it hurt me enough to wake up.

I went back to the dentist, and he gave me what%26#039;s called an %26quot;NTI%26quot;. I was skeptical at first (and I%26#039;ve only worn it now for 2 days), but I%26#039;ve been able to sleep fine with it. I even woke up a few times because I was trying to grind against the NTI and the weird (not painful) sensation woke me up.

The cool part is that I can sleep with it, my jaw doesn%26#039;t hurt, and I feel like I%26#039;ll be saving my teeth down the line.

Ask your dentist about an NTI. Downside is they are about $500 bucks and you can%26#039;t drink beer (or white russians) while it%26#039;s in use.

Good luck!
Reply:Reconsider the mouthguard... it will save your teeth.
Reply:I do that too, my dentist told me so. There is nothing you can do to stop it except like your gf does, wake you up when you do it.

The only solution is wearing a mouthguard which really is a pain. Mine lasted maybe a week before I threw it in the medicine cabinet. I kept choking on it in my sleep.

The end result though is having really crappy teeth.

The decision is yours.
Reply:Yes, I have it, and by 40 I had worn all the enamel off my teeth and needed a whole set of crowns. When you are little you know to look out for cavities, when you are older you hear of gum disease, but this one really blindsided me. If you can take a mouthguard use one, if not try really hard to stop. My own thought (and you can guess how well it worked) was to try sleeping biting gently on a towel or something. Didn%26#039;t work for me, but it might be worth a try.
Reply:I do not, but a friend of mine does.
Reply:Try some relaxation methods (massage, yoga, meditation). You%26#039;re probably stressed out. If you don%26#039;t use the mouth guard you%26#039;ll be spending thousands on dental work in the future. At least try to wear it every other night and you can stave off the effects longer.
Reply:WEAR A MOUTHGUARD!!! I just had a root canal on my front tooth becuase of this (probably will need to do the other front tooth soon too). Now the teeth will be dead and most likely break, with or without a crown. I went through 48 hours of labor and then a cesarean section. I would rather experience the same childbirth again than have another root canal. Yikes! Do yourself a favor and protect your teeth...there is no other solution than wearing a mouthguard. Sorry.


Home solutions for nighttime teeth grinding in adults?

I have been told that i grind my teeth at night in my sleep but i don%26#039;t know that i m doin it %26amp; have tried all the mouth guards %26amp; grind right through them %26amp; also have been told by a parent of mine that i have done that since i was a baby but need some ideas or something to try to stop them completely.

Home solutions for nighttime teeth grinding in adults?
Night Guards

Most people can benefit from a night guard. There are some store bought kits that you heat up and mold to your teeth, but as of yet I have not found a patient that uses them regularly. You really need to have them custom made for your teeth they are more snug. Even custom made ones find their way across the room in the middle of the night for the first few days or weeks. Eventually you get used to them they become part of your sleep routine.

Good luck
Reply:Get a consultation with an orthodontist..General dentist%26#039;s can make you a night guard to prevent premature wear of your teeth, but an orthodontist will be able to give you more options and my be able to stop the grinding with an apliance or recomended surgery. There are sometimes underlying problems to grinding your bite may be off and your body may be trying to adjust itself, the most comon is stress
Reply:A Dentist can take a mold of your mouth, and make you a mouth guard, that fits you properly. If the mouth guard fits, you won%26#039;t grind your teeth through it. Believe me, this will solve your nocturnal teeth grinding dilemma. Many people suffer, from the same problem as you do. fixing the problem can make troubled sleep, and pain in the head, and jaw, a thing of the past.
Reply:I have that problem, and for me it is apparently caused by being overstressed, because when I cut back a couple major stresses in my life, the problem lessened and eventually went away. Maybe there is some hugely stressful or irritating thing you could cut back. Is there some noise that could be irritating you as you sleep, like a humidifier?
Reply:There are no home %26quot;remedies%26quot;, per se.

Anything that makes you sleep better may help, but the key word is %26quot;may%26quot;.

By the way, BECKA 25 wrong from start to finish. I know this because I%26#039;m a dentist.

An orthodontist is LESS likely to address grinding problems than a general dentist, and no oral surgeon on this planet would perform any kind of surgery to alleviate grinding.
Reply:I stick my tongue between my teeth while I%26#039;m falling asleep.
Reply:Grinding is a form of tension being released when alseep. Learn to meditate before going to bed. This will stop the grinding.


What causes teeth grinding overnight?

I wake up from my sleep at night because I grind my teeth - what causes it and how can I prevent it?

What causes teeth grinding overnight?
I do it as well and I went to the dentist and ended up paying $450 for a mouth guard that I could%26#039;ve bought at a sports store for $15. Save your money and buy one of the mouth guards that you can conform to your own mouth. It really works and I can definitely feel the difference in the morning when I would wear my mouth guard vs when I wouldn%26#039;t.
Reply:i see that ppl are telling this girl to talk to her Dr. about anxiety. please, don%26#039;t let any Dr. put you on Benzos for teeth grinding or any other reason. research natural remedies. THEY WORK AND ARE NOT ADDICTIVE!!!!! Report It

Reply:Stress has SO much to do with grinding of teeth. They sell things at the store, like a big mouthguard, and that is very helpful. They can be a bit expensive, but are very worth it.
Reply:stress and anxiety. Are you worrying too much? Stop worrying, and that will stop it. I know-- easier said than done! But I really do think that it is largely to do with stress, and to stop it, you need to relax a bit more.
Reply:What is teeth grinding?

Bruxism (teeth grinding) is a condition involving grinding or clenching of the teeth, often during sleep. Bruxism can be mild and occasional or can be so frequent or violent that the teeth are damaged.

What is the cause?

No one knows for certain why some children grind their teeth. Some think that it is because the child%26#039;s top and bottom teeth do not fit together comfortably. This discomfort causes the child to grind his teeth to make the teeth feel better and later turns into a bad habit. Others believe that children grind their teeth because they feel tense, fearful, or angry. Still others suggest that children could have an allergy or a nutritional problem.

The cause in some cases is abnormal dental occlusion (the way the upper and lower teeth fit together when the person shuts the mouth). More often, the disorder is associated with anxiety, tension, and suppressed anger. Bruxism is usually worse after intake of alcohol.

What are the symptoms?

teeth grinding, severe or very loud, that occurs during sleep

jaw clenching

jaw pain or earache (referred pain caused by violent jaw muscle contractions)

abnormal alignment of teeth

anxiety, stress, and tension

personality, suppressing anger

How common is tooth grinding?

Dental examinations of children show that 1 in 6 children have done some tooth grinding. Also, some parents report the behaviour even though their child%26#039;s teeth appear normal at the dentist. Altogether, 1 in every 3 children grind their teeth at some time in their childhood.

When does tooth grinding usually occur?

Almost all children that grind their teeth do it only at night. The behaviour is most common in children around the ages of 5 and 6; however, it can occur at any age. Grinding the teeth during the daytime should make parents more concerned than if the child is doing it only at night.

How is the diagnosis made?

Examination will rule out other disorders that may cause similar jaw pain or ear pain, including ear disorders such as otitis media, temporomandibular joint (TMJ) dysfunction, and dental disorders. Detailed history may reveal abnormal stress or tension.

What is the treatment?

The goal of treatment is to prevent permanent damage to the teeth and reduce pain.

A night guard or protective dental appliance may be helpful if bruxism is severe enough to cause damage to the teeth or pain to jaw muscles. Orthodontic adjustment of the occlusion or bite pattern may be beneficial for some people.

Psychotherapy or counselling may help the afflicted person to express anger and deal with anxiety or stress. Relaxation or stress management techniques can be beneficial in reducing anxiety or stress. Avoidance of alcohol may be advised for some people.

Will the child%26#039;s teeth be harmed?

Usually the wear to teeth from grinding does not harm the teeth. The baby teeth (also called primary teeth) can show a lot of wear to their surfaces without causing pain or other problems. If the teeth get very worn down, dental problems, such as tooth infections, can occur.

What can I do to help my child?

If you or your child%26#039;s dentist sees wear on the tooth surface, it is important to make a special visit to a paediatric dentist. Dentists can polish the teeth to make them fit together more comfortably or make special devices for the mouth that are usually worn at night to keep your child from wearing away the teeth.

It is a good idea to help a child talk about what has caused tension, fear, or anger before going to bed. Do this in the course of the bedtime routine. For example, when your child is telling you about his day, ask some questions about how those events made him feel. While this may or may not help the child with tooth grinding, it does let him know that you care about how he feels. It is probably best not to draw attention to the tooth grinding itself.

Most children will stop tooth grinding on their own without the need for special treatments. Mention tooth grinding to your child%26#039;s dentist at your child%26#039;s next regular appointment.

How to prevent it?

Stress reduction and anxiety management may reduce bruxism in persons prone to the condition.

What is the prognosis?

Bruxism is not a dangerous disorder. However, it can cause permanent damage to the teeth and uncomfortable jaw pain or ear pain.

Hope the information is useful to u.
Reply:stress and bad dreams. For the stress try to relax. Ask for doctor advise if you think you are too anxious and stressful.
Reply:Yes, it is definitely to do with anxiety/stress/tension and even possibly agression or anger. I would recommend dealing with the cause of the problem (which could be a minor upset in your life that you haven%26#039;t even recognised or something more obvious such as people at work etc). If you know of some things in your life that may be causing you distress in some way then i would recommend addressing them as best you can. Whether the cause be something you are very aware of or not i would also really recommend doing some basic mediation (sitting or lying comfortably and mentally relaxing all your muscles and focusing on quieting your mind with your eyes closed, or possibly focusing at a spot on the wall/ceiling or a candle and consciously thinking of nothing other than what you are looking at) - But don%26#039;t force yourself too hard by really staring and not blinking or you may build up tension. There are many other methods but i would keep them basic because it sounds very much like you need to subconsciously relax and maybe treat yourself to something you don%26#039;t usually do. I hope that helps.
Reply:my partner dose it and hes been doing it as a kid, buy a mouth gaurd
Reply:Stress can cause you to grind your teeth. Get a night guard from your dentist. It%26#039;s worth the money. When you grind your teeth heavily, you can mess up the vertical dimension of your mouth. Vertical dimension is the measurement of the superior-inferior relationship between the maxilla and the mandible when the teeth are situated in maximum intercuspation (biting down). Imagine someone with complete dentures smiling and biting down. Now, imagine the same person without the denture (ie w/o any teeth in their mouth) and biting all the way down. When a person%26#039;s vertical dimension changes, it can affect how old you look.
Reply:It%26#039;s a wonder my old man has any teeth left. He%26#039;s soooo loud %26amp; does it allllllll night. I can hear him from the otherside of the house %26amp; my old lady snores away next to him %26amp; puts up with it! Now I know what to buy him for Xmas, one of those guards suggested here, thanks guys!!! Now to stop the old ladys snoring? Hmmm?


Snoring and Teeth Grinding, Please Help!?

My girlfriend snores and grinds her teeth almost every night, I am really not sure how to help her, but I am getting less sleep every night and I%26#039;m almost at wits end.....Please Help!

Snoring and Teeth Grinding, Please Help!?
For the teeth grinding she needs to get a dental gaurd to wear at night. For the snoring she should see the doc to rule out sleep apnea or some other cause of her snoring that is correctable.
Reply:that%26#039;s called tmj and yes her medical should cover it. Not dental is a medical problem not a dental thing.

Grinding or clenching the teeth, which puts a lot of pressure on the TMJ

Dislocation of the soft cushion or disc between the ball and socket

Presence of osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis in the TMJ

Stress, which can cause a person to tighten facial and jaw muscles or clench the teeth.

It could possibly be causing it.
Reply:ouch, get a new girlfriend

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What causes teeth grinding during sleep?

Could it be genetic? I know my father who is passed use to grind his teeth really bad and know I am doing it. I didnt realize how bad it was with me until a friend told me how loud it got while I was sleeping....

Besides gaurds are there and things (relaxation techniques) one can do before bed that could slowly correct the problem?

What causes teeth grinding during sleep?
Tooth grinding (also known as bruxism) is pretty common actually. It is in the same class of sleep problems (parasomnias) as sleepwalking and sleep talking. If it is really bad ask your dentist about solutions. There are some medications available if your grinding is really bad. Relaxation techniques might help if they bring down your overall stress level but probably not much. However- do be sure to get plenty of sleep (at least 8 hours) because sleep deprivation and alcohol (and stress) can make it occur more frequently.
Reply:Well I%26#039;m not sure about this being genetic, but I do know that you are causing a ton of damage to your teeth. You should visit a dentist who specializes in TMJ. They%26#039;ll have you fitted for a special appliance that you%26#039;ll need to wear at night to protect your teeth from the grinding. They%26#039;ll also go over a few exercises that will relieve some of the tension that clenching your jaw can cause. I suggest that you do this as soon as possible. Good Luck!

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